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MARBRIDGE BITUMENOUS PRODUCTS CC, is a Black-owned and managed company, which has become a natural home for the promotion of Black Economic Empowerment. We have endeavored to maintain Black Empowerment in all movements in connection with the enterprise. We are the only suppliers of Oxidised grade bitumen 85/25, 115/15 and 110/2 bitumen in South Africa and neighbouring countries. we also manufacture a variety of bitumen cutbacks for the waterproofing, sealant , adhesive , automotive, paint and pipe coating  industries. We also manufacture waterproofing compounds, bitumen adhesives, Wood block adhesive, Bitumen mastic, brick sealer ( clear and black), Bitumenous aluminum paints, Pipe primers, Pipe dipping compounds, Bitumen primer for the waterproofing industries etc.

Why Choose Us?

Local & International

We supply clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Occupational Health And Safety

We specialize in the transport of hazardous substances and are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff, customers and the general public.

Environmently Friendly

Using the Quality and Environmental Management System to drive down costs by reducing wastage, failure and rework thereby improving job satisfaction and the profitability and commitment to recovery and recycling as opposed to disposal where feasible.


Industrial Oxidised Grade Bitumen

Bitumen 85/25, Bitumen 110/15 and as well as penetration grades such as bitumen 70/100, 50/70 ,  35/50 and  10/20.


Aluminum Paint, Bricseal, Crack sealant, Tarkote, RC 250 and many more!

Solvent Supply

White Spirits
Fluiden 912

Other Products Include:

Interior boiler coating Exterior Boiler coating Graphite Tar Paint Gilsonite


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